Hi, my name is Hafiz AbdulRehman and I am

Full Stack Web Developer

creating modern and responsive Web Application that people love.

This is what I do

I like to design and develop things that people really like, I like to all do this with black screen and code. Usually when I am not coding, you can find me reading techy news, exploring and experimenting on new stuff.

Web Design

Design is all I get in legacy from my father (an artist) and I really love to design UI with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

Web Programming

Code is what I do all the time starting from C to C++ and PHP to Python, I really love to solve real life problems that helps users in their daily work.


Learning is what I always do and be available to any student for any helo I could do for them. Have been assisting future geeks at all academic and professional levels.


I care about IT and assist institutions for required technical consultancy from Architecture to Network, Planning to Execution.

My works

Of course you are here to see my work or what I do past. Usually I work with tech companies in several roles and serve different industries i.e. Financial, Health Care, Nutrition and Real Estate among seneral.

NexGen Pro

Nutrition analysis and nutrition label generator applicstion.


Princess ATW

Social network for link minded girls to find latest events going on near by there next trip.


my Bazaar

An open market place for local market to join and sell their products at no cost.


Urdu Press Club

Digital presence of urdu press club forum and online ticketing & pass system


Survey Robe

A survey management system for organizational nd individual use.


ez Quizzy

Quiz conduction system with orginazational control and hierarchal support for different checkpoints.

My Skills

Tools and tricks I use in my daily work garage. I interact with my babies (tools) all the times to keep them sharpen.









I'm available for discussion or upcomming connection, feel free to connect me for assistance.
Write me your queries where you are in truble. Get me with your critical technical issue.

What my clients say

It's always love to hear from people you work with how they feel about you. Here are some guys from my recent past saying some words about my work.

I really do not have enough words to describe my work with Haffiz, he really is a genius, easy to work, committed with excellence, fast and accurate with a deep knowlegde in its area. 200% trustable. You wont regret to work with him.

Maricarmen Quinteros - El Salvador

we worked on joint project, Hafiz did brillant job: -software development for Webpage (PHP, CSS) -business negotiation with other companies Seek to get a long-term business relationship with Hafiz.

Peter Laemmer - Germany

Haffiz Abdulrehman is highly competent, reliable, professional . An excellent team player with good sense of commercial priority.

Khursheeda Khattak - United Arab Emirates

Hafiz is a incredible guy to work with! talented, responsible, and responsive. He is eager to understand the topic to its full depth and is always keen to execute and implement the work and job as best as possible. for every new. another very important aspect to describe Hafiz, he is 100% trustable. Hafiz is always looking over the horizon of his tasks and is looking for additional components to even improve the initial job description and actually, the overall project!

Daniel Montazem - Germany

Drop me a line

Approach me what you are up to and how can I be helpful for you. I believe my skill must have something you need help with. Let's connect and see if you also think so ;)